Ceramic Tile in Gulf Coast, MS

The Classic Beauty of Ceramic

Enhance your home with ceramic tile from one of our three Floor Trader locations in the Gulf Coast area. Ceramic tile flooring is available in a variety of styles and colors in each of our showrooms. Whatever your personal style preferences, you'll be able to find something beautiful to complement any décor scheme.

If you are tired of the same old carpet or flooring that’s been in your home for years, consider a change with a fresh set of ceramic tiles. Ceramic offers an eye-popping visual for any room and can serve as a flooring or backsplash solution. Available in a range of colors, shapes, and patterns, ceramic tile is one of the most customizable floor choices on the market. For those seeking a style that is unique and entirely your own, ceramic tile is the way to go. Whether you prefer an intricate mosaic or simple but bold color, we can accommodate your preferred look.

Our collection of flooring is designed to add elegance to bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and living spaces. It enhances the ambiance in any area and is built to offer a stunning look for many years to come. The Floor Trader of Gulf Coast offers premium ceramics and flooring at an unbeatable price. Stop by our showroom today to browse our in-store products and chat with our knowledgeable staff.

The Many Benefits of Ceramic Tile

It can be difficult to make the best choice for your space with so many options available. Our team will be happy to assist you in learning everything you need to know about our ceramic kitchen, bath, shower, and backsplash tile products when you visit our ceramic tile shop. We'll help you choose a tile that not only looks great but also fits your lifestyle. There are many benefits when you choose ceramic as your tile of choice. Similar to porcelain, ceramic is an extremely durable surface. Ceramic tile is capable of withstanding heavy amounts of foot traffic and is resilient against heat, stains, cracking, and water.

Ceramic tile is a great choice especially for hot climates, as tile naturally remains cool while other floor types such as carpet can trap and retain heat. People who suffer from seasonal or pet-related allergies will find relief as pollen, dander, and other allergens are easily cleansed with a quick wash. While carpeting and rugs often trap dust and pollen, tile’s hard surface blocks these unwanted microbes. Additionally, tile is extremely water-resistant and is a great choice for high-moisture areas.

With unlimited design possibilities, you can find ceramic tiles that look chic and contemporary for a modern approach. Alternatively, some customers prefer a more rustic and country style. Whether you desire a flooring plan to compliment an urban cityscape or a rural farmhouse, you can find the perfect fit at our location. Browse our many select brands such as Emser Tile, LLC, or Ridgeland.

Maintenance Made Easy

Keeping your new ceramic tile flooring vibrant and clean is simple with regular sweeping and mopping. Application of soap and water is typically the best way to remove dirt or unwanted debris that may accumulate. As a tough surface, ceramic tile is both fade and stain-resistant, meaning that most smudges and spills are easily wiped away. Tiles with a glazed finish may need a tile cleaner or all-purpose cleaner to keep the surface bright and clear. Be sure to check your warranty or consult with our staff for recommended brands and cleaning products before use. Unglazed tile may occasionally need paste, water, and scouring powder for a deep clean. With the proper care, your new ceramic floor tile or backsplash will look great for years to come.

Completing Your Ceramic Tile Installation

Ceramic tile installation is a complex process that requires meticulous attention to detail. You could end up with chips, uneven tiles, or other issues without the assistance of a professional ceramic tile installer. Consult our team for a recommendation and we can connect you with a preferred installer. When you work with our recommended list of technicians, you’ll never face hidden charges and can be assured that your floor will be laid properly and safely.

When you choose to work with one of our preferred installers, you can expect a thorough and professional estimate of the time and cost needed for your job. Your installation will include a minimum of a one-year warranty for your new floors. Put your trust in a professional from our network of experienced installers in the area.


To learn more about our ceramic tile collection, contact us today! We proudly serve clients in Gulf Coast, Gulfport, and Ocean Springs MS, along with the greater Mobile, AL area.