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To give your home a fresh new look, upgrade to laminate flooring from The Floor Trader of Gulf Coast. Our local showroom offers laminate samples to beautifully showcase the warm tones of hardwood and the sparkle of marble, ceramic, or porcelain. With one of the most cost-effective flooring solutions on the market, you can get the design qualities you want in a flooring model for a fraction of the price. While ceramics and solid wood are porous and susceptible to moisture, our laminate flooring is a long-lasting surface that can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.

Visit our showroom to talk to one of our experts about why laminate is such a great option for your home improvement. Thanks to innovations in the laminate production process, our floors have the textures, patterns, grains, and knots seen in hardwood plank or tiling. Choosing a low-maintenance floor option will save you hours of cleaning time, allowing you to spend more time on your favorite pastimes. When you shop at The Floor Trader, you’ll enjoy a “cash for carry” experience that allows you to leave same-day with materials in hand or a DIY project. Alternatively, we can provide a referral at our local outlet or for a professional installation from a local contractor in our network. We are happy to carry industry-leading laminate flooring brands such as Mohawk and Shaw Floors.

Visions Laminate White Oak in Kitchen space

What Makes Laminate Flooring a Perfect Choice?

One of the most popular flooring alternatives for homeowners is a laminate surface. It has a unique beauty, richness, and authentically recreates other flooring types like wood or stone. Laminate is a great choice for any house or workplace because of its strength, durability, customization, and affordability. The base, core, decorative, and wear layers are the four layers that embody laminate. The beauty and strength of this flooring style are enhanced by each engineered layer. The wear layer is designed to protect the decorative surface from scratches, fading, stains, water damage, and chipping, while the base and core provide laminate a solid interior.

Recent industry advancements have ushered in a multitude of exciting new possibilities. Hand scraping and other textures provide the impression of a custom, handmade floor. A wider range of planking alternatives adds to the feeling of natural authenticity. You’ll find intricate design features, such as grain patterns, knots, and whirls that have been engineered into our laminate selections. All of these design features encompass the natural charm of hardwood that many clients adore in their flooring.

Keep Cleaning a Breeze with this Simple Surface

Laminate surfaces are softer than hardwood or tile but robust enough to withstand heavy foot traffic, making them perfect for use as toddler or pet playrooms. Our laminate can handle anything from puppy paws to heavy boots, so no worries about scuffing or claw marks! Laminate flooring is a low-maintenance surface that just requires sweeping or vacuuming once a week and a wet mopping with soap and water every now and then. Put your fears of tracking in dirt aside and enjoy everything the Michigan landscape has to offer. Laminate flooring's non-porous surface makes cleaning dirt and debris a breeze.

Our Many Laminate Types & Styles

Laminate flooring is created with either a direct or high-pressure process to provide your home with charm and durability. The high-pressure approach is used to fuse individual layers for increased density. This is a popular method for commercial establishments that expect a lot of foot traffic. The direct-pressure process, on the other hand, produces standard laminate alternatives for homes and common spaces.

Laminate is distinguished from other flooring options by the four layers that make up the finished product. The base and core layers, which provide density for withstanding foot traffic and placement over the subfloor, are the first to be installed. Next, using modern technology, any replica image can be applied to the decorative layer. Finally, the wear layer protects the picture as well as the rest of the floor from stains and damage. You can choose from a variety of textures, such as enhanced wood grain and embossed register, or browse our unique styles, which include:

  • Cask Oak Laminate
  • Brazilian Walnut Laminate
  • White Oak Laminate
  • Buckthorn Laminate
  • Bunbury Laminate
The Preferred Installers Connection

The Floor Trader of Gulf Coast takes pride in cultivating professional relationships with local installers and contractors in order to provide quality referrals to our clients. We make it a priority for all of our local installation teams to learn about your design goals and the physical space you're working with. When you partner with a member of our Preferred Installer's List, you'll never have to worry about an uneven floor or gaps around walls and cabinetry.

What you should expect from our Preferred Installers:

  • A thorough and professionally prepared estimate for the work to be performed.
  • A minimum of a One Year installation warranty (be sure this is written on your estimate).
  • A complete and efficient installation experience.
  • Complete satisfaction. You won't pay the Installer until you are satisfied with the completed installation.

Contact us today to get started with your home renovation. We proudly serve customers in Gulf Coast, Gulfport, and Ocean Springs in Mississippi, and Mobile, Alabama, and surrounding areas.