Luxury Vinyl Plank

The Reasons Why You Want Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring in Gulfport

luxury vinyl plank in gulfport, msYou can enjoy the beauty of luxury vinyl plank flooring in Gulfport in your home at a lesser cost and with little maintenance. That is when you shop for new flooring at Floor Trader Gulf Coast. Our flooring warehouse is fully stocked with well-known brand names in luxury vinyl plank at discounted prices.

The secret to our success is that we buy our flooring by the truckload to get high-performance surfaces at reduced prices and then we sell to you for less. Choose us to floor your home with products that offer the natural appeal of hardwood with the affordable pricing of vinyl.

The Valuable Attributes of Vinyl

Vinyl plank is very much in demand at our warehouse. After all, who doesn’t love the elegance of natural hardwood? It gets even better when you focus on the benefits of LVP. This flooring option gets all pluses on our checklist of desirable flooring attributes. For instance, luxury vinyl plank offers:

Water Resistance -- This surface is manufactured to meet the needs of our customers. Flooring that can withstand spills is high on the list of musts because accidents with children, pets, and guests can happen at any time.

Installation Versatility -- Because this flooring resists water, it makes it easy to install throughout your home. You don’t have to place vinyl plank in specified rooms that remain dry all the time. So, go ahead and ask our team of flooring technicians to put resilient vinyl in the basement, bathroom, or kitchen.

Another aspect of installation versatility is that luxury vinyl plank can be installed on top of almost any other flooring surface. That makes installation quicker for you when we send in our team of technicians to handle this task for you. They won’t have to take out old flooring or remove the cabinets in your kitchen to install your vinyl floors.

The “Soft” Hard Surface -- Vinyl plank is considered a hard surface. However, resilient vinyl is much easier on your feet than other hard surfaces, such as wood and tile. This way, you can have that hard surface, which is easy to care for, combined with the ease of vinyl underfoot.

Soundproof -- You can hear noise coming from other hard flooring types when walked upon. There’s the tap of shoes and the click of claws. However, the insulating property of vinyl reduces noise and makes for a quieter house.

Tough & Enduring -- Our luxury vinyl comes with a commercial-grade wear layer. This means it’s strong enough to withstand heavy foot traffic and still look good for many years.

Contact us today to shop for luxury vinyl plank for your home. We proudly serve customers in Gulf Coast, Gulfport, and Ocean Springs, Mississippi, as well as Mobile, Alabama, and the surrounding areas.