Luxury Vinyl Plank

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring in Mobile

The flooring of your home or office is more than a functional surface-it’s a statement. When it’s time to consider your new interior design options, you should never have to make a compromise between form and function. To that end, our wholesale flooring center is your source for luxury vinyl plank flooring in Mobile, Alabama. When you choose this flooring material, you gain access to strong and sturdy flooring that will elevate the durability and visual appeal of your property. Count on our company to offer a variety of luxury vinyl planks that accommodate your budget.

The Advantages of Luxury Vinyl Planks

Luxury vinyl planks are a smart choice for virtually any type of property. That is because it is specifically engineered for everyday use, while also imparting solid aesthetics. Perhaps one of the most widely regarded benefits of luxury vinyl is its resilience. Constructed primarily from vinyl, this type of plank flooring incorporates several layers of composite materials to create a rigid surface.

Due to these manufacturing methods, vinyl can stand up against everyday wear and tear with ease. The composite construction allows it to absorb impacts, scuffs, and scrapes without tearing or exhibiting wear. In addition, luxury vinyl is non-porous. This means that it resists spills and staining. Functionally waterproof, vinyl planks are the material of choice for active households with pets and children. Simply use a cloth and a cleaning solution to keep your investment looking new.

Express Your Style and Define Your Interior

Waterproof luxury vinyl plank flooring is more than a “tough” material. It also matches with a variety of interior design options. Thanks to contemporary printing processes, vinyl flooring is available in the appearance of a wide selection of materials--all while maintaining cost-effective price points. That’s right: the majesty of marble and hardwood is available in this more affordable flooring material.

Establish the scene with vinyl flooring. Thanks to our extensive supplier network, you are able to choose from a staggering array of different vinyl plank flooring options from the leading manufacturers and brand names. In addition, these floors are available in different colors, patterns, and styles. Your interior design options are limited only by your imagination.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Installation on Your Terms

A wealth of different flooring options are here, in-stock and at discount prices. Of course, you deserve to enjoy your investment as quickly as possible. To that end, we invite you to take advantage of complete luxury vinyl plank installation through our Installation Connection system. After deciding on your next flooring material, we can refer you to local, experienced, and qualified contractors to measure, replace, and install your selection for you.

Contractors who are members of our Installation Connection share our mission to deliver fine flooring along with complete and total customer satisfaction. Best of all, our referrals are provided at no additional cost to you! Start your next remodeling project with confidence--our wholesale flooring center supports you every step of the way.

Contact us and request a free, in-home estimate for luxury vinyl plank flooring. We proudly serve customers throughout the Gulf Coast, including Gulfport and Gautier, Mississippi, as well as Mobile, Alabama, and the surrounding area.