Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Tile 

Luxury Vinyl Tile Mobile AL

Lay something beautiful under your feet with extravagant as well as affordable luxury vinyl tile (LVT) from our warehouse, showroom flooring store. Designed to replicate most other flooring styles with ease, luxury vinyl gives your living room or dining room a classy look. Even though this flooring product is made of vinyl it replicates wood and other materials. In fact, it will have your guests guessing! You can even put vinyl in your bathroom or kitchen for easy maintenance. Our store always has your favorite kinds of LVT in stock.

Softer than other hard flooring options, luxury plank flooring is comfortable to stand on, so it is perfect for areas and rooms with heavy foot traffic. It is also a durable type of flooring for recreational rooms where playtime and craft making is common. Let our professionals install your flooring to ensure it offers you all of the best features for years to come.

Resilient Flooring for Active Households

Transform any room with the realistic look of hardwood, ceramic tile, or gray stone by installing resilient flooring. You do not need to pay a lot of money to achieve the look you want for your home. Plus, LVT is tough enough to handle life in an active household – able to withstand damage and daily wear for several years before showing signs of distress.

If you have children, pets, or a lot of activity in your home on a daily basis, luxury vinyl floor tile is your most dependable option as far as maintainability and affordability. Easy to clean and with little maintenance required, it practically pays for itself in a short amount of time. After a few years of enjoyment, you will be thanking yourself for making the right decision.

Luxury Vinyl Floor Tile

The most popular flooring option for homeowners who want a gorgeous floor at the right price is luxury vinyl floor tile. Sturdy enough to withstand fading from sunlight and water damage in areas heavy with moisture, it is ideal for rooms that see a lot of action. Whether you drop a plate or walk across your floor in high heels, rest assured that your vinyl floor will not be riddled with indentations or scratches.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Installation by Experienced Technicians

Save time and money when it comes to the installation process by letting one of our preferred installation contractors provide luxury vinyl tile installation for your new floors. When placed just right, your floors are guaranteed to last for several years, even with daily wear in high-traffic areas and spills or stains from activities in the bathroom or kitchen

Our experienced installers are committed to installing floors you will love, so they are careful when placing each tile exactly where you want it. Take advantage of their skills today by requesting a quote and scheduling an in-home consultation. Our preferred installers adhere to our strict guidelines to ensure you receive the best service. They offer:

  • Professional Estimates
  • One-Year Installation Warranty Minimum
  • Efficient Installation
  • Complete Satisfaction

Contact us today to pick out your new luxury vinyl tile flooring. We have stores in Gulfport and Ocean Springs, Mississippi, as well as Mobile, Alabama.