Luxury Vinyl Tile

Durable Luxury Vinyl Tile in Gulfport, MS

luxury vinyl tile in gulfport, msIt’s not always easy to balance home features that look great with practical value that holds up under pressure. When it comes to your floors, though, The Floor Trader Gulf Coast is here to help you get surfaces that perform well and create the beauty you dream of. Rely on us to deliver great deals on one of the best options for modern homeowners -- our luxury vinyl tile in Gulfport, MS.

Resilient, stylish, and available immediately with our in-stock inventory, this material offers superior savings without sacrificing the quality your home deserves. Because we carry the leading brands and products in our industry at deals you won’t find elsewhere, our team gives you the freedom to design your way and get your project done quickly. Plus, our luxury vinyl lets you affordably recreate the classic look of authentic hardwood or stone.

A Step Up In Style

There’s a reason we call it a luxury vinyl tile floor. Far from a disappointing point of compromise, this material offers advantages that even classics like wood flooring can’t beat. When you shop with us, our in-store team helps you compare benefits and find the right products for your situation. Choosing luxury vinyl gives you a definitive visual improvement over outdated flooring and it also provides:

  • Easy Upkeep
  • Water Resistance
  • Long-Lasting Wear Layers
  • Protection against Child and Pet Accidents

Perhaps most importantly, an LVT floor comes with the freedom to enjoy exactly the look you want. When you need to tackle a home improvement project quickly or within a set budget, you may not find the exact kind of hardwood or stone you want in the amount you need. Because vinyl is both a manufactured material and an increasingly popular option for homeowners of all kinds, you’ll get more variation and picture-perfect surfaces when you shop from our selection.

A Natural Look in Any Room

Even if you already have rooms with hardwood and stone surfaces, you may not be able to extend those materials into some spaces. Vinyl works in bathrooms, kitchens, and basements where wood might warp. It’s also lighter than stone tile, which can alleviate concerns about the safety of your subfloor or second story. No matter what the room, our luxury vinyl tiles offer an excellent and dependable solution for home flooring.

If you are unsure whether this is the right choice in your specific case; stop by our store. With experts on-hand to answer questions and offer advice, you never have to go into a flooring project with anything less than absolute confidence.

Contact us for the latest deals on luxury vinyl. We proudly serve Gulfport, MS, and the surrounding areas.